S&A recently had a chance to ask Corner Dladla Pizzeria founder Kgomotso Motshegoa questions regarding the coronavirus and its impact on his business, here is what he had to say …

What changes has your business experienced since the lockdown?

The coronavirus pandemic interrupted our growth plans. We have seen both upward and downward spirals that came as a result of the different lockdown levels. The business has currently hit a plateau.

Level 5 restrictions made our operations come to a complete halt while level 4 allowed us to hit record numbers. This can be attributed to some of the major outlets remaining shut or not operating at optimum level and thus allowed us as small players to gain a bit more of the market share and absorb that new client base which had missed the experience of takeout meals for some time.

We can also link our partial growth to the introduction of our delivery service that also enabled us to increase our footprint.
Level 3 regulations and resumption of the liquor trade, unfortunately, made us hit a snag in our overall output hence our current plateau.

Corner dladla pizzeria clients

Where do you see Corner Dladla Pizzeria in the coming years?

As an optimist, one always remains hopeful particularly as a result of the industry we operate in. Our product may not be a staple necessarily, but consumer behavior always shows us that patrons often opt for takeaways as a break from their routine dinner at home or prefer our meals as a result of the demanding careers they have that not necessarily allow them time to prepare meals for themselves and their families.
With scaling prospects and the introduction of new menu items, we do foresee a steady growth phase. The market has up to now responded well to our new brand.

How has S&A helped Corner Dladla ?

S&A has played a pivotal role in our business. They have assisted us in driving business growth by offering advise and perspective at key moments particularly in the milestone of us moving into our first brick and mortar flagship store.
They have become the perfect sounding board on everything finance and accounting related in the business.
We continue seeking insight and advice from the team in our ongoing quest towards business success.

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